Chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, ceiling fans and lamps should be placed around your home to give it lighted access. Lighting makes a home look as inviting in the dark as it does in daylight.  Lighting dictates whether a room will feel quiet or whether it is ready for a big bash.

Fixtures that stay cool yet give adequate lighting are an important part of home design. Use beautiful overhead lighting in your kitchen while also getting close-up food prep lighting. Lighting can be placed anywhere but a home that is designed carefully makes use of cabinet lighting, staircase lighting and garden fixtures.

Create rooms that glitter when the lights are turned on; capture the twinkle in every corner. Light fixtures can soften the shadows in a home, giving security to its inhabitants.

Get diversity in style and size when buying light fixtures. Some are small and do the job without notice while others are grand. Light fixtures make a statement on your interest and your style.  What statements do you want your home to make?