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Need a Fan without much Space?

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Introducing the Fandelier or Fan d'lier!  These beautiful light fixtures have miniature fans that provide great airflow without the look of a large fan.  They combine a chandelier and a ceiling fan without the need for much space.

Measure and Photograph


Let us help show you the light!  You should measure and photograph your space before you begin shopping for lights.  You will need to know your ceiling height, room dimensions, and your table or island measurements in order for us to properly assist you in finding lighting options to fit your space and style.  Pictures show us more of your style and decorating sense than words can.  

What is Color Temperature?

When picking out light bulbs you should keep in mind what color temperature you will want.  The hue of illumination is measured in Kelvin. Some of the common color temperatures are as follows:

2200K is a very warm, amber yellow light more like candle light.

2700K is a warm light that has a soft yellow tint. 

3000K is a bright crisp light that shows more true white. 

5000K is more closely compared to bright daylight and has a blue tinted white light.

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Let Us Help You Succeed!

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Illuminating Expressions has a passion for our business and a wide selection of lighting, ceiling fans, and home accents. Upon entering our showroom, you are presented with a multitude of choices and, with the help of our professional sales staff, enthusiastically embark on a journey of choosing lighting, fans and home accents that reflect their personal style and taste.

Illuminating Expressions allows you to See It, Touch It, and Take It Home.  Just the right advice to complete your project. Ceiling height, room size, even paint color can influence the final purchase decision.

 Come see how we can help illuminate your home!


Color Pop!

Use lamps, pendants, and rugs to add a splash of color to more subtly colored rooms.  It is easier to change out an accent color than to repaint a whole room.

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